Scholastic tournaments in and around San Antonio.

Current Entries

Ratings for the Comal ISD tournaments are based on the results from previous Comal ISD tournaments or the current USCF rating of a student if they have an active membership.

Player School Grade Rating Byes
Fisher , Dakota CHMS 7 794
Fisher , Maverick MES 4 536
Herrera, Sara Indian Springs 3 264
Brooks, Benjamin Indian Springs Elementary School 3 Contact Us
Brooks, Jackie Mountain Valley Middle School 8 Contact Us
Brooks, Jeremiah Canyon Lake HS 10 Contact Us
Herrera, John Indian Springs K Contact Us
Hodge, Tristan Indian Springs 4 Contact Us
Jacobson, Dylan 5 Contact Us
Jacobson, Eli 3 Contact Us
Jacobson, Logan 5 Contact Us
Jacobson, Tegan 2 Contact Us
Matull, Isaiah Pieper Ranch Middle School 7 Contact Us
Messina, Nicholas Pieper Ranch Middle School K Contact Us
Messina, Troy Pieper Ranch Middle School 6 Contact Us
Ohlenforst, Zachary Peiper Ranch Middle School 8 Contact Us
Philp, Ethan ISES 3 Contact Us
3-5 | Unrated
Aten, Andie Goodwin-Frazier 5 N/A
Barber, Beau Seay 5 N/A
Benavidez, Sophie Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Berthold, Tristan Oak Creek 3 N/A
Betsworth, Luke Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Blair , Garrett Goodwin-Frazier 4 N/A
Blanchard, Ethan Kinder Ranch 3 N/A
Britt, Kynadi 5 N/A
Brown, Garrett Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Bunch, Daymeon Bill Brown 3 N/A
Burrus, Charlie Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Cavazos, Cameryn Rahe 3 N/A
Chilton, Hudson Rahe 5 N/A
Covington, Cole Rahe 5 N/A
Cozzie, Anthony Rahe K N/A
Cummins, Addie Morningside 4 N/A
Cummins, Amanda Morningside 4 N/A
Curtis, Dean Hoffman Lane 5 N/A
Curtis, Hank Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Desorbo, Benjamin Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Dodd , Matthew Oak Creek 4 N/A
Early, Dylan Oak Creek 3 N/A
Escalante, Isaiah Oak Creek 3 N/A
Fellbaum, Leemichael Johnson Ranch 5 N/A
Flanigan, Aidan Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Furrh, Oliver Rahe 3 N/A
Gabreleski, Jacob Goodwin-Frazier 5 N/A
Gabreleski, Jordan Goodwin-Frazier 5 N/A
Gabreleski, Justin Goodwin-Frazier 3 N/A
Gaddam, Alisha Goodwin-Frazier 3 N/A
Gillette , Alexis Freiheit 5 N/A
Gillette , Lukas Freiheit 3 N/A
Glynn, Lucas Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Greissinger, Finnley Bill Brown 4 N/A
Grubbs, Gavin Oak Creek 4 N/A
Haider, Alexander Seay 5 N/A
Harty, Isaac Rahe 5 N/A
Harty, Noah Rahe 3 N/A
Hartzell, Von Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Hays, Nathan Rahe 3 N/A
Hecox, Isabella Morningside 3 N/A
Hernandez, Damian Seay 4 N/A
Hernandez, Isabel Seay 4 N/A
Holtman, Samuel Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Hrncitik, Rowdy 3 N/A
Humphrey, Hayden Garden Ridge 4 N/A
Jendrzey, Ryder Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Jewett, Noelle Garden Ridge 4 N/A
Kolody , Andrew Rahe 3 N/A
Lacey, Ezekiel Startzville 5 N/A
Lamm, Ace Rahe 4 N/A
Laxmaiahgari, Ranhitha Goodwin-Frazier 3 N/A
Lerma, Gwyneth Morningside 4 N/A
Leroy, Michael Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Levett, Adayah Morningside 5 N/A
Liu, Calvin Canyon HS 3 N/A
Macpherson , Eden Rebecca Creek 5 N/A
Macpherson , Emma Rebecca Creek 3 N/A
Mcginnis, Hunter Hoffman Lane 5 N/A
Mendoza-Flores, Brandon Rahe 4 N/A
Milligan, Claire Hoffman Lane 4 N/A
Milligan, Ella Hoffman Lane 4 N/A
Mizanin, R.J. Oak Creek 3 N/A
Mongan, Caleb Morningside 4 N/A
Moreno, Nathaniel Oak Creek 5 N/A
Olguin, Ethan Clear Spring 4 N/A
Oliphant, Colin Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Patterson, Rylin Clear Spring 4 N/A
Pearson, Meghan Oak Creek 5 N/A
Pease, Piper 3 N/A
Ramirez, Joshua Oak Creek 3 N/A
Reddell , Miriam Goodwin-Frazier 5 N/A
Reddell , Noble Goodwin-Frazier 3 N/A
Remeika, Elijah Rahe 3 N/A
Reynolds, Tony Garden Ridge 4 N/A
Rubio, Lucas Clear Spring 3 N/A
Sellers, Hayden Rahe 4 N/A
Sierra, Emmanuel Oak Creek 5 N/A
Sluik, Lawson Oak Creek 3 N/A
Solberg, Kaigan Oak Creek 5 N/A
Thomas, Bentley Morningside 5 N/A
Timmons, Hunter Oak Creek 5 N/A
Toomey, Garrett Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Torres, Dani Seay 3 N/A
Trujillo, Benjamin Goodwin-Frazier 3 N/A
Turner, Jason Rahe 4 N/A
Ulibarri, Marlee Hoffman Lane 5 N/A
Vaudagna, Andrew Startzville 5 N/A
Vickers, Will Hoffman Lane 5 N/A
Wadle, Jessie Rebecca Creek 5 N/A
Weil, Owen Rahe 4 N/A
White, Kenner Seay 5 N/A
White, Kinleigh 3 N/A
White, Layden 4 N/A
Wolff, Sebastian Morningside 5 N/A
Wolff, Xavier Morningside 4 N/A
6-8 | Unrated
Aguilar, Noah-David SVMS 7 N/A
Ayala, Zen Church Hill 7 N/A
Boutin, Gala Danville Middle School 8 N/A
Boutin, Hayley Danville Middle School 6 N/A
Bowlin, Mason 8 N/A
Carter, Rhea SVMS 7 N/A
Colvin, Tyler Canyon Middle School 6 N/A
Degolier, Logan Danville Middle School 6 N/A
Fellbaum, Lawrence SVMS 7 N/A
Fox, Raithe Danville Middle School 6 N/A
Golla, Michael Spring Branch 7 N/A
Griffiths, Jack Church Hill 8 N/A
Johnson, Ryan Church Hill 7 N/A
Kennedy, Maddox 7 N/A
Lippe, Andrew Canyon Middle School 7 N/A
Lock, Derek Danville Middle School 6 N/A
Longley, Lillian Spring Branch 7 N/A
Lopez-Hernandez, Tristin Danville Middle School 7 N/A
Macpherson , Josiah Mountain Valley Middle 7 N/A
Mcnamara , Owen Church Hill 7 N/A
Medellin , Tony Church Hill 7 N/A
Reddell , Asa Goodwin-Frazier 7 N/A
Sureshbabu , Rahul Church Hill 7 N/A
Vogel, Arthur Piper Ranch Middle School 7 N/A
9-12 | Unrated
Baxter, Aiden Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Perez, Samuel Canyon HS 10 N/A
K-2 | Unrated
Alvarado, Eric Specht K N/A
Alvarado, Isabella Kinder Ranch K N/A
Alvarado, Ryan 5 N/A
Appleby, Dominic Bill Brown 1 N/A
Aten, Shepherd Goodwin-Frazier 2 N/A
Aurora, Maximus Morningside 2 N/A
Barber, Luke Seay 1 N/A
Bautizta, Joseph Morningside 2 N/A
Cano, Diego Morningside 2 N/A
Cardenas, Gabriel Garden Ridge 4 N/A
Cardenas, Luke Garden Ridge 4 N/A
Casanova, Cooper Oak Creek 3 N/A
Castro, Andrew Goodwin-Frazier 2 N/A
Covington, Cade Rahe 1 N/A
Cuellar , Jonathan Freiheit 5 N/A
Duplissey, Reagan Seay 2 N/A
Flores Fernandez, Fredy Danville Middle School 7 N/A
Fox, Brayden Morningside 1 N/A
Furrh, Stella Rahe 1 N/A
Gaddam, Angelina Goodwin-Frazier K N/A
Garcia, Aracelia 2 N/A
Gibbons, Mackenzie Oak Creek 2 N/A
Gonzales, Daniella Goodwin-Frazier K N/A
Gonzalez, Tessa Rahe 1 N/A
Gordon, Hannah Freiheit 5 N/A
Harrington, Jonah Oak Creek 2 N/A
Harris, Trinity Morningside 2 N/A
Hjort , Eli Oak Creek 2 N/A
Hjort, Everett Oak Creek K N/A
Hrncirik, Danica 1 N/A
Hunter, Elijah Oak Creek 2 N/A
Levett, Kendra Morningside K N/A
Lindeman, Blake 2 N/A
Lindeman, Blake 2 N/A
Lindeman, Blake 2 N/A
Lippe, Asher Clear Spring 2 N/A
Mcginnis, Colton Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
Mcginnis, Easton Hoffman Lane K N/A
Newkirk, Braz Oak Creek 4 N/A
Nino, Sophia Johnson Ranch 1 N/A
Paniagua, Catalina Morningside 2 N/A
Patrick, Caleb Garden Ridge 3 N/A
Penagaluru, Aarnav Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
Smith, Bella Goodwin-Frazier 2 N/A
Solberg, Killian Oak Creek 1 N/A
Storm, Jackson Rahe 1 N/A
Titus , Caleb Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
Trask, D. Thomas Hoffman Lane 1 N/A
Trask, Kaine Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
Turner, Justin Rahe 2 N/A
Wadle, Jake Rebecca Creek 1 N/A
Warner, Koleson Oak Creek K N/A
Warner, Mason Oak Creek 2 N/A
Weil, Waylon Rahe K N/A
White, Corbin Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
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