Scholastic tournaments in and around San Antonio.

Current Entries

Player School Grade Rating Byes
3-5 | Unrated
, Gabriel K N/A
, Jessie K N/A
Andrew, Talyn Kinder Ranch 3 N/A
Arreguin, Sophia Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Arringdale , Alaura Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Aten, Andie Goodwin-Frazier 4 N/A
Barnes, Ryleigh Kinder Ranch 4 N/A
Brogdon, Rote Indian Springs 3 N/A
Covington, Cole Rahe 4 N/A
Curtis, Dean Hoffman Lane 4 N/A
Davis, Cash Bill Brown 3 N/A
Deitch, Griffin Kinder Ranch 4 N/A
Dellavalle , Parker Freiheit 4 N/A
Dove, Sydnee Freiheit 4 N/A
Dunn, David Clear Spring 5 N/A
Durst, Bryson Hoffman Lane 5 N/A
Elam, Ian Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Ferris, Henry Specht 3 N/A
Fisher, Maverick Morningside 3 N/A
Flournoy, Russell Goodwin-Frazier 4 N/A
Fox, Raithe Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Fulton, Ayden Johnson Ranch 5 N/A
Garate, Archer Startzville 4 N/A
Gill, Regan Seay 3 N/A
Gill, Teagan Seay 4 N/A
Gregersen, Django Hoffman Lane 4 N/A
Haley, Scarlett Johnson Ranch 4 N/A
Hall, Daniel Johnson Ranch 5 N/A
Hecox, Patrick Morningside 5 N/A
Hohensee, Billy Seay 4 N/A
Hutchison, Caden Johnson Ranch 4 N/A
Kale, Cooper Kinder Ranch 3 N/A
Kingdon, Alex Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Lambert, Liam Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Levett, Adayah Morningside 4 N/A
Lopez, David 4 N/A
Lucas, Callie Hoffman Lane 3 N/A
Mayfield, Tyler Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Mcelroy, Brayden Bill Brown 3 N/A
Mcginnis, Ryder Kinder Ranch 3 N/A
Moreno, Nathaniel Oak Creek 4 N/A
Morgan, Evan Hoffman Lane 5 N/A
Naizer, Lathan Garden Ridge 5 N/A
Parks, Sawyer Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Peralez, Cristian Morningside 5 N/A
Permenter, Seth Bill Brown 5 N/A
Pinzon, Gabriel Kinder Ranch 4 N/A
Quintana, Isaiah Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Rountree, Shyanne Seay 3 N/A
Schroeder, Luke Bill Brown 4 N/A
Scudday, Brynden Garden Ridge 4 N/A
Spradling, Cade Bill Brown 5 N/A
Stearns, Hunter Startzville 5 N/A
Stump, Ethan Kinder Ranch 3 N/A
Thiele, Ella Startzville 4 N/A
Wadle, Jessie Rebecca Creek 4 N/A
6-8 | Unrated
Alder, Jaxon SVMS 6 N/A
Barton, Thomas SVMS 6 N/A
Carter, Rhea SVMS 6 N/A
Dade, Aiden SVMS 7 N/A
Engrav, Alexander SVMS 6 N/A
Finley, Logan Spring Branch 6 N/A
Fisher, Dakota Church Hill 6 N/A
Fountano, Marcus Spring Branch 6 N/A
Fox, Aurora Canyon Middle School 8 N/A
Golla, Michael Spring Branch 6 N/A
Griffiths, Jack Church Hill 7 N/A
Johnson, Ryan Canyon Middle School 6 N/A
Kantorak, Gabe SVMS 7 N/A
Lopez-Hernandez, Tristin Canyon Middle School 6 N/A
Lucas, Chance Church Hill 6 N/A
Malloy, Elijah Canyon Middle School 6 N/A
Marie, Daniel SVMS 7 N/A
Mcanelly, Jake SVMS 6 N/A
Mcginnis, Tyler Spring Branch K N/A
Medellin , Tony Canyon Middle School 6 N/A
O'rorke, Tiernan 6 N/A
Ohlenforst, Zachary SVMS 7 N/A
Sureshbabu, Rahul Church Hill 6 N/A
Young, Parker SVMS 6 N/A
9-12 | Unrated
Aschoff, Brandon SVHS 9 N/A
Brooks, Jeremiah Canyon Lake HS 9 N/A
Finley, Nicholas SVHS 9 N/A
Mullins, Kevin Canyon Lake HS 12 N/A
Tucker, Chance Canyon Lake HS 10 N/A
K-2 | Unrated
Appleby, Dominic Bill Brown K N/A
Aten, Shepherd Goodwin-Frazier 1 N/A
Blanchard, Ethan Kinder Ranch 2 N/A
Brooks, Benjamin Indian Springs 2 N/A
Cauley, Caroline Kinder Ranch K N/A
Cauley, Thomas Kinder Ranch 2 N/A
Covington, Cade Rahe K N/A
Curtis, Hank Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
Deitch, Cooper Kinder Ranch 5 N/A
Dunn, Anne Clear Spring 2 N/A
Engrav, Zeus Bill Brown 2 N/A
Furrh, Oliver Rahe 2 N/A
Gaddam, Alisha Goodwin-Frazier 2 N/A
Gill, Gavyn Seay K N/A
Hecox, Isabella Morningside 2 N/A
Hutchison, Connor Johnson Ranch 2 N/A
Kantorak, Griffin Bill Brown 2 N/A
Ling, Aaron Spring Branch 6 N/A
Mattos, Joshua Johnson Ranch 2 N/A
Maurer, Luke Bill Brown 1 N/A
Mcelroy, Callen Bill Brown 1 N/A
Mclaughlin, Jared Specht 3 N/A
Pachecano, Evelyn Seay K N/A
Parks, Alayna Kinder Ranch 2 N/A
Patrick, Caleb Garden Ridge 2 N/A
Pino, Leonidas Timberwood Park 3 N/A
Reboulet , Alyssa Seay 4 N/A
Robbins, Clay Hoffman Lane 2 N/A
Rodriguez , Mario Kinder Ranch 2 N/A
Schroeder, Jack Bill Brown 1 N/A
Schroeder, Tessa Bill Brown 1 N/A
Wadle, Jake Rebecca Creek K N/A
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