Scholastic tournaments in and around San Antonio.

Current Entries

Player School Grade Rating Byes
Lozano, Jesse A 2230
Moore , Bobby A 2200
Jiang, Xin K 2085
Lau, Joseph A 2075
Aktunc, Ozgur A 2056
Smith, Andy A 2012
Nightingale Jr., David K 1833
Surber, Wesley A 101
Cheng, Grace K Contact Us
Codwell, Jada K Contact Us
Do, Andre K Contact Us
Do, Namchi A Contact Us
Duong, Tim A Contact Us
Munroe, Matt A Contact Us
Nguyen, Judson A Contact Us
Payne, Ethan K Contact Us
Salinas, David K Contact Us
Teegerstrom, Carl A Contact Us
Turner, Asa A Contact Us
Van Drunen, Rachel K Contact Us
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The mission of SAScholastic is to provide tools to make participation in chess tournaments as easy as possible for parents and kids in the greater San Antonio area.


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