Scholastic tournaments in and around San Antonio.


Comal ISD March Madness Touranment Info

Tentative Schedule

7:45-8:15 - Student Check In
8:15-8:30 - Opening Ceremonies
8:45 - First Round Begins
Each round will start as soon as possible after the previous round.
11:35-12:05 - Lunch
~2:30 - Closing Ceremony

Perfect Score Playoffs

In the event we have multiple perfect scores in any section, the first place winner of that section will be determine in 5-minute playoff games. This is ONLY for 5-0 scores.

If the players are still tied after the playoff, the tournament tie breaks will be used to determine the winner.

The rules for the 5-minute playoff game will follow standard USCF rules. Touch move, illegal moves lose, and if you determine a move after your opponent plays an illegal move, the determined moves stands and the opponent plays on. This will be explained before the playoff.

Upcoming Tournaments

Date Event Location Entries (Max) More Info Entry
1/19 Canyon Lake High School (Comal Series) Canyon Lake 22
2/23 Smithson Valley Tournament (Comal Series) Smithson Valley 27
3/23 NB Canyon Chess Tournament (Comal Series) Canyon High School 17

Past Tournaments

Date Event Results USCF Crosstable
2/24 Comal ISD Tournament View View
4/29 6th Rackspace Chess Tournament View View
2/25 Comal ISD Tournament View View
9/4 Parman Library Club 9-4-16 View View
8/21 Parman August 21st View View
5/22 Parman May 2016 View View
5/14 Specht Spring Tournament View View
5/11 Specht Club May 2016 View View
5/1 Trinity Tiger Chess Tournament View View
4/13 April Specht Wednesday Club View View
4/9 Crockett Elementary View View
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