Scholastic tournaments in and around San Antonio.
6th Rackspace Chess Tournament
The USCF report has been updated.

Upcoming Tournaments

Date Event Location Entries (Max) More Info Entry
1/27 Scholastic Chess Tournament at Casis Elementary Austin View
2/3 Cole Elementary Open San Antonio
2/17 Great Hearts Tournament San Antonio View View
2/24 Comal ISD Tournament Smithson Valley 117 (200) Enter
2/24 2018 Region VI Championships San Antonio View View
3/3 2018 Texas State Scholastic Championships - South Edinburg
4/14 Hoffmann 3rd Annual Open San Antonio
5/5 Cinco de Mayo 2018 San Antonio

Rackspace Touranment Info

Tentative Schedule

7:30 Doors Open
8:15 Registration Close/Pairings Start
8:45 Players seated
9:00 Round 1
10:30 Round 2
12:00 Round 3
1:30 Round 4
3:00 Round 5
4:45 Closing Remarks/Awards
5:30 End

Perfect Score Playoffs

In the event we have multiple perfect scores in any section, the first place winner of that section will be determine in 5-minute playoff games. This is ONLY for 5-0 scores.

If there are 3 perfect scores, the players will play a round robin. The winner of the round robin will be first, and 2nd and 3rd will be determined by the normal tournament tie break process.

If the players are still tied after the playoff, the tournament tie breaks will be used to determine the winner.

The rules for the 5-minute playoff game will follow standard USCF rules. Touch move, illegal moves lose, and if you determine a move after your opponent plays an illegal move, the determined moves stands and the opponent plays on. This will be explained before the playoff.

Which rating supplement will be used?
We will use the May rating supplement, which will be available April 20th.

What will happen if my child is in the wrong section?
In the event that entrants are in sections they are not eligible for, they will be moved to the lowest rated section they ARE eligible for.

Why was my child moved to a more difficult section?
We have moved several entrants from sections they are not eligible for to the easiest alternative section based on their age and rating. As an example, a child who is rated higher than 600 is not eligible for a U600 or U400 section, regardless of how many tournaments he or she has played in or how old they are.

We cannot make exceptions for just being just a few points over the top rating for a section.

Past Tournaments

Date Event Results USCF Crosstable
4/29 6th Rackspace Chess Tournament View View
2/25 Comal ISD Tournament View View
9/4 Parman Library Club 9-4-16 View View
8/21 Parman August 21st View View
5/22 Parman May 2016 View View
5/14 Specht Spring Tournament View View
5/11 Specht Club May 2016 View View
5/1 Trinity Tiger Chess Tournament View View
4/13 April Specht Wednesday Club View View
4/9 Crockett Elementary View View
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